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Twentyone questions and answers:

How does the reservation take place?

  1. Please contact us
  2. We will check if your dates suit your host
  3. You will receive our formal quote.
  4. As soon as you approve it, we will make a reservation which is binding for all parties under terms.
  5. To secure the reservation, you will be invoiced by HBB and and you can arrange a payment.

Why is there no on-line booking?

The home will be more like a home if the host can decide their calendar after receiving your enquiry and they do not need to maintain a public calendar on a server somewhere. After receiving a positive answer, you know that you will really be welcome.

Why payment in advance?

HBB asks the payment in advance and this is beneficial for all parties:

a) A confirmed payment will guarantee your right to the accommodation that has been reserved for you and only for you. You can trust that the host cannot change their mind or offer the place to someone else.

b) The payment lets your host know that you are definitely coming. In order to receive you, the host has made sure of their availability, cleaned the room or the apartment and rejected possible later enquiries. This means you are a welcomed guest.

What if the host cancels?

Since the beginning of this activity in 2007, we have only had two such cases: one due to a damaged water pipe in the apartment and the other due to a serious illness. Such a situation is most unfortunate for the host but as a guest you do not need to worry. We will arrange you an accommodation of the same or better standard.

How do you compensate for overbooking?

We never overbook. The accommodation you have reserved will only be for you.

What is included in the price?

As a standard, you will get a private room, bedclothes, towels, breakfast à la casa, and final cleaning unless something else has been agreed on. The bathroom can be shared or private and sauna bathing may include a small charge. When you have chosen an independent stay in an apartment, breakfast is not included. If you arrive late, you can ask the host to do some shopping for you to help you get through the first night.

Is this safe?

Every host has been reviewed with respect to comfort, amenities and cleanliness. At Helsinki Bed and Breakfast you can trust that the information given and photos shown match with reality.

Our cooperation with several partners in the field of tourism requires that our reputation is above reproach.

We will take care of you also after your trip e.g. in case you forgot something behind. The payment only takes place through trusted banking sites. Your account information or your credit card details will never be transmitted to Helsinki Bed and Breakfast or the host.

The confidentiality of our web site is assessed by Web of Trust. Please have a look and give your own assessment..

Do I get a key?

Yes you do, and you can come and go as you wish.

What time can I arrive?

We will do our best to arrange arrival at any time, although we wish you try to arrive at normal awake hours. Please agree the arrival time in advance with your host.

Oh no, my flight is badly late!

Don't worry. Please let us all know as soon as possible and we will take care you are not left behind the door.

Why do I need to fill a passenger card and show my ID?

All our guests are asked to fill and sign a passenger card and prove their identity upon arrival. This is a requirement of the European authorities and hopefully the only aspect that reminds you of hotels.

Who will do the cleaning?

Your host will clean the room before and after your stay and once a week during the stay unless something else has been stated. If you make an extra mess or the room requires something above the level of normal weekly cleaning, please clean after yourself or ask your host for help. Kindly compensate the extra work for them. After using the shared kitchen, please take into account the others and tidy everything.

What does "normal cleaning" mean?

It covers wiping the surfaces, vacuuming the floors, washing and disinfecting the bathroom, airing the bedclothes and changing the linen. It does not include the removal of stains, washing the carpets or reparations of any kind. Please compensate your host in any such incidences.

Can I bring along my pet?

It depends on the host. At some places a pet is most welcome but some are only reserved for visitors who are unable to stay in a house that has recently hosted an animal.

May I smoke?

Yes you may but unfortunately never indoors. Please check the information on the website or ask your host where you may smoke outdoors.

What if I break something?

No problem. You will probably find a similar item in a shop or agree some other solution with your host before you leave. If needed, Helsinki Bed and Breakfast will help.

And if I lose the key?

Unfortunately you will have to compensate for the purchase of a new key or change of locks. We ask you to take good care of your key.

If I am in trouble?

Feel free to call Helsinki Bed and Breakfast +358 50 5849054 (voice, sms, whatssapp) or the emergency telephone number 112.

This is a good place! How can I book a week next month too?

How nice to hear! Please contact Helsinki Bed and Breakfast by email to sleep@hbb.fi , the reservation form, or by phone +358 50 5849054 (voice, sms, whatssapp).

Where can I find your customer feedback?

Our guests can choose whether they give their feedback personally and confidentially without entering a public web site. With your permission we will be happy to share your message in a public collection.

If you want to give your suggestions or express your thanks publicly, you are welcome to meet us on our Facebook page.

What is the difference between HBB and other agencies?

Helsinki Bed and Breakfast was established in 2007. The path was soon followed by other companies like Airbnb in 2008, Roomorama in 2009 and Wimdu in 2011. From the very beginning, we have maintained six essential features that most other agencies cannot compete with:

  1. We take responsibility for the quality of the service. In most services anyone can list their property and the agency never checks how correct the given information is.
  2. We will review each host before offering their home to any guest of ours, while in many other services, the testing is outsourced to the customer and their possible feedback.
  3. We feel it is fair to tell the exact price on the web and not some lower price to which a provision is added.
  4. Should the host cancel, all agencies promise to refund your payment within a couple of days. This is fine but may not help you too much when you have just arrived to a city and most of your credit has been used and locked in the payment waiting to be refunded. Helsinki Bed and Breakfast will not leave you in trouble but will arrange you a new place of the same or higher standard.
  5. The places you will stay at are real homes and not sterile, standard rental apartments.
  6. We will be happy to serve our guests with our extensive local knowledge of living, traveling, and experiencing new things in the country.

HBB can be understood as a part of the sharing economy, of course, but rather than emphasizing the economic aspect we feel we are sharing our weal. All the good we have is yours, too, and this is because we want to, not because we have to.

Helsingin Kotimajoitus Tmi - Helsinki Bed and Breakfast

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Established in year 2007

Enquiries: hbb@hbb.fi
Book by email: sleep@hbb.fi
Give feedback: hbb@hbb.fi and Facebook

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