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The principal idea

The idea of Helsinki Bed and Breakfast is to open doors for guests. As a visitor in any city or country, you may easily feel as an outsider and you rarely see beyond the local peoples' doors: how they live or what they speak about. The few people you might have a brief word with may be the receptionist of your hotel or the busy waiter in a lunch restaurant. We want to offer you an alternative by getting a look at local homes and finding local people in their everyday life. It will be your own free choice if at any moment you prefer staying by yourself working, studying, or doing your yoga. In all cases, you will be accommodated comfortably and at very reasonable prices.

No matter if you are on a business trip or holiday, every visit is tailored to your needs whether you are looking for new contacts or quiet time of your choosing.

Helsinki Bed and Breakfast is for you who needs an accommodation of high standard – but wishes something extra.

Homestay is an ecological alternative, and in principle it is a branch of the modern shared-economy.
However, we would call it sharing-our-weal rather than emphasizing the economic aspect. The good we have is yours, too, and this is what we want to, not that we have to.

An alternative to hotels

Homestay has many advantages compared to traditional hotels. It is less expensive and you have more space and comfort around you. As a homestay guest you are always treated as an individual. Your need for your personal time and space is respected but you are not "forgotten" in your room.

More than accommodation

It makes a difference whether you stay in a real home offered by Helsinki Bed and Breakfast or a standard commercial rental apartment.

As our guest you will get the best suggestions on what to do and where to find something, whether related to your holiday or business. Already before your arrival, we will send you an information package with detailed arrival instructions, suggestions for your programme, and several other things. Staying with local people offers you an authentic view to their everyday life as well as their ways of spending holidays and engaging in festivities.

As an extra favour or service, your host may take you to a city walk, a nature hike in the countryside or in the archipelago, a traditional sauna bathing in the city or by a lakeside, a canoe trip, or a dance evening.

Helsinki Bed and Breakfast will also arrange any train, bus, or ferry tickets you may need, an access to cultural events, your next accommodation somewhere else in Europe, or an adventure package anywhere in the country. To make sure your trip will be safe and successful, we will also be happy to assess your travel plans and inform you of any possible risks and advice you on how to avoid them. As an example, we will not recommend you a long drive in the winter if you are an inexperienced driver, unless you take an easily available course on how to drive on slippery conditions. – The local knowledge matters!

Helsingin Kotimajoitus Tmi - Helsinki Bed and Breakfast

Business ID 2085033-6

Established in year 2007

Enquiries: hbb@hbb.fi
Book by email: sleep@hbb.fi
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